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Alright, a few months ago I posted a photo and had a bunch of comments asking if I could help them re create this eye look. Its really simple and its sort of my "go to" eye makeup look. Now having a darker skin tone and  features i can usually wear darker eye makeup without looking like I'm going to prom. If you have lighter features you may want to save this look for a special occasion because black tends to look a lot more dramatic on lighter features! Or else use maybe a brown instead of black :)

Here's what you'll need!

1. I always start of with a shadow primer all over the lid...A favorite of mine is Lemon aid by benefit. This will help your eye makeup stay in place and not crease and slip off and will also give you truer color. (I get mine from Sephora.com) If you don't have an eye shadow primer, I highly recommend getting one but if not concealer is your next best bet for staying power!

2.The palate that I use is Color design palate in "Glamour Era" By Lancome. I like this palate because it has all the colors you need in one little compact and they don't irritate my eyes. However it does run a little pricey so feel free to match these colors with Revlon or Cover girl colors. They will work for this look just as well!

3. My favorite eye shadow brush is the small Sonja Kashuk brush you can purchase at Target. It makes blending so much easier than those crappy little sponge brushes that come with your eye shadow!

Now for the good stuff!

1. I start out by mixing the silver and white color on my brush...just a little dab into both colors so they sort of mix together into a whiter version of silver. I put this mixture onto the inner corners of my eyes around my tear duct and then below so it sort of sweeps out on about 1/3 of my lower lash just a little bit as you can see in the picture

2. Next I use the medium gray shade for the middle of the lid...I start where the silvery white ended and begin with the grayish color...all over the middle of my eyelid but not reaching all the way to the outside corner of my eye. Blend this with the edges of the white so it appears to be coming gradually darker.

3. Next I use the black for the outer corners. This is where you can get a little dramatic. If I'm going out with my husband at night I might go a little more dramatic on this step. For daytime i might use a little less. But at night I love to spice it up with a slight cat eye/winged liner look with my shadow...to do this so that it always looks symmetrical take your shadow brush and draw a small line straight vertical from the outer corner of your eye then draw another line that slants back down bringing it back down into the crease so that it forms a perfect winged effect. Last I sweep a little of the black on the outer corner on my bottom lash line. 

4. Last I finish with a liquid eyeliner along the lash line a little black pencil on my waterline and mascara! DONE! :)

silvery cat eye.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We all have them. Every once in a while we just have a day....Maybe something goes wrong or maybe we just wake up in a funk...."On the wrong side of the bed."--As my mother says. For whatever reason we just don't feel ourselves we feel abnormally sluggish/ugly/fat/pale/dorky/stressed out....whatever. and it can be hard to shake it off. Alas here are a few things I do when I have a day that really seem to help me. Hopefully it will help someone else too!

First off! PRAY. Spend time with God. Sometimes when we are off track spiritually everything else gets off kilter. And we feel a little funky.

Wake up in the morning and right away turn on some fun energizing music. I love to listen to Bob Marley while getting ready in the morning. It makes me happy. Reminds me of Vacation and just has a nice "Don't worry be happy" vibe to it, that makes it a great start to a morning! :) If I'm not in the mood for that and I'm having an ugly day i turn on some Latin/salsa music. It has a way of making you feel sexy. I don't know why. it just does :)

Brew a strong cup a' Joe. This will help boost anyone's mood.  Drink it out of a big over sized mug...for some reason it tastes better that way :-)

What I do when I wake up feeling like an ogre? Get my eyebrows waxed....try it. Seriously. You'll feel so much prettier!

Go out and buy a new scarf. They are usually pretty inexpensive and can transform an outfit! WA LA! New outfit!

Do something that focuses on others. Getting our minds off ourselves almost always helps us out of a funk. Maybe its a simple as bringing a friend a coffee at work? Making someone else's day almost always helps turn ours around.

Pick out a bold colored lipstick. A shade you might not normally wear and wear it with confidence. It'll transform your look for a day. Its fun to look different than our every old day sometimes :).

Pick up some Vitamin B. Vitamin B's help to naturally boost our mood!

Light some candles and curl up with a good book. Make some cocoa and feel cozy. Sometimes we need a "cozy day" Nothing wrong with that!

Drink Water. I think i mention this in almost every post...but here we go again. If you're feeling a bit chubbier than usual you are probably dehydrated so your body seems puffy. Drink some water. You'll feel better in no time!

Hit the gym. You are only one workout away from a good mood! Even though you may not feel like it, force yourself to do something active. This boosts your bodies endorphines which boost your mood! 90% of the time you'll feel 100% better after a workout.

Take up a new hobby. Painting is one hobby that I love to do because it's so relaxing and gets our mind off whatever it is that is bothering us.

Haagen Daaz Caramel Cone Ice cream. Enough said.

Grab a pen and paper--first right down everything thats bothering you...get it out on paper..throw it all up..when you finish rip it up and throw it in the trash. Phewf. Glad thats over! Now grab a new sheet and write down all the things you are thankful for. Smile and Thank God for them. Life isn't so bad now is it?

Pinterest.com....look up a new hairstyle, find a cute new style to re create, discover a new recipe to try...the possibilities are endless!

Use a little aroma therapy. Citrus has been known to have mood boosting benefits. Boil some orange peel, cinnamon sticks and lemon peels in a pot on the stove. The wafting scent of citrus is sure to be a good pick me up!

Plan a vacation. Give yourself something to look forward to! Maybe its only a day trip...a little road trip or even and stay cation with a friend! Just something that you can plan and look forward to!

Rent a funny feel good flick. A few recommendations? Mrs. Doubtfire, Tommy Boy, My Big Fat Greek wedding  just to name a few favorites that always seem to put me in a good mood!

So there you have it! Hope this helps make your day a little better than a day on the wrong side of the bed ;)

What to do when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Or are having a "fat" day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012