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Tips on staying dazzling this through the holidays

Friday, December 14, 2012

Its hard to believe its that time of year again already! Heres a few tips to keep your Holiday dazzle through out the Christmas season! ;)

Use your Christmas shopping to your advantage! One of the tell tale signs of the Christmas season, no parking spaces in the Mall parking lot...Why not use a terrible parking spot to your bodies advantage this Christmas? Using a parking space farther away from the entrance can help you burn some extra calories without even thinking about it! Lets say your shopping for  a few hours...at 5
different stores....say 3 minutes to the door for each store thats 15 minutes of walking! 15 minutes of walking = around 50 calories burned. 50 calories= Christmas cookie incinerated. BOOM! PS who says you can't power walk through Super Target?

Play in the snow! It may seem like a drudging chore but it has to be done, and  shoveling snow can really torch some Christmas calories! 20 minutes of snow shoveling can actually burn you up to 100 calories! Why not build a snow man or hike up and down the sledding hill? Talk about a fun way to get yourself a smokin bod this season :)

Drink egg nog the fit girl way! Simply blend together a cocktail of half eggnog and half skim milk (or light soy or almond if you prefer) *soy and almond have the creamier texture of eggnog but slightly more calories. Still less than drinking full cup of egg nog!

Fill up before the party In the same way that going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is a bad idea, its almost a worse idea to hit a holiday party on an empty stomach. Fill up on lean protein and fiber rich foods before you go, these will keep you full and discourage you from indulging more than you should! Sometimes sipping on a  cup of coffee through out the night  helps me to stay away from sweets. Im not sure why it works that way, but it does! I just decide to enjoy my coffee instead of thinking about sweets. Try it.

Dont skip meals In your head it sounds like a good idea to skip a meal in order to indulge at your Christmas party after work. This is a bad idea. If your starving your rational mind will be unavailable to you to make healthy food choices. Eat small healthy meals through out your day to avoid going nuts once you see the cookie table.

Travel Savvy If your worried you won't be able to hit the gym during your visit over the river and through the woods, bring the gym with you! Jump ropes are a great workout you can use them anywhere and they are easy to pack! Pilates is also easy to do anywhere and doesnt require any equipment. Heres a link with a few good exercises to do anywhere! zero equipment exercise

Remember: Not all Christmas cookies are created equal! It's true....Best and worst cookie choices

Put away your reindeer sweatpants: I promise your significant other won't be the only one to thank you. ;) But really, you'll be glad you did. Simply wearing figure flattering clothes that make you feel good about your body and your self image will help to keep you from making poor choices. If you feel like you look good your gonna treat your body right. If you feel like  slug in sweat pants...that's how you'll treat your body. I know its easy to throw on a pair of yoga pants...but they make it so darn easy to veg out and over indulge. Its just a womans fact of life. If your wearing elastic waisted pants and a baggy t shirt all day your probably 90% more likely to binge. I made that statistic up, but for me its true. If you feel good about your self you will take care of yourself. :)

Relax Christmas should be a joyous time! Time that we can indulge a little. Rest assured, 1 night  won't derail a year of hard work. Sometimes we get so concerned that we can't enjoy anything and we forget that a little indulgence now and then is good for us! Be self forgiving. Live a little. Enjoy this time of year. Dont over do it, but treat yourself to a little Christmas cheer, all too soon your routine will return and you can hit your fitness program with renewed commitment and enthusiasm! ;)

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