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Gym girl chic. (How to squeeze a workout in when, 'aint nobody got time for that'.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Gym girl chic.

As the holidays approach it seems life is getting busier by the day! From Ugly sweater parties, to friends and family coming into town,  to Christmas shopping,  to trees to be decorated, this time of year is just plain chaos. Good chaos, but certainly chaos none the less! As for me I've found that I haven't been able to work out during my normal time (which is usually at the beginning or end of a day.) Which is convenient because that leaves me good time to be able to shower, get and cleaned up and pretty afterwards. However, the past few weeks  i've had to squeeze in an hour where I can squeeze it in, which is usually at a super inconvenient random hour  before or in between an appointment and work, or for some maybe that quick hour between classes. The challenge isn't so much the workout, but fitting in a decent  workout with time left over to get yourself looking half way decent to jet to class right away or or pick up an item at the grocery store without looking like a total  train wreck! Here are a few tips to avoid showing up on The people of Walmart site when you have to go out and about after a gym session!


 If you are in a jam and need to go out immediately after a gym session this is probably the most important step, because ladies should ALWAYS smell good. Even if you don't look good, smelling good is important! Now while I always suggest you shower right away if you have the option, sometimes you just don't....My gym doesn't have a shower, so when in dire straights and your determined not to skip your workout, (assuming your not on your way to a hot date or anything!)  Here is how to cope!

1. Wet wipes. A little sponge bath freshen up your skin and  remove sweat.
2. An extra swipe of deodorant.
3. Baby powder to absorb any dampness on the skin.
4. A fresh smelling perfume or body spray.


If emergency strikes and you find yourself in a time crunch after your sweat sesh, with no time to curl or straighten,  ladies have 2 options.

1. Baseball cap or winter beanie or headband. Make sure its clean, a nice solid color that will match whatever you are wearing and tie your hair up into a nice neat bun and wear the hat. You immediately look like a polished sporty chick as opposed to sweaty wet dog.

2. Dry shampoo, I can often get away with this if its a lifting workout. (I usually don't get quite as sweaty and my hair is still slightly in tact. (as opposed to a cardio workout)  Add a little dry shampoo to dry up any moisture at the roots. Tousle your hair and tie it into a cute messy ponytail, it looks unkept but purposely so ;)


1. Cleanse. This is important. Even if you only have time to splash water from the sink, its important to remove sweat from your face to avoid breakouts. I have a pack of Biore skin wipes in my gym bag just in case.

2. I love the glow skin has after a tough workout. Play it up with a simple sweep  of blush, a natural colored lip gloss, and a swipe of travel size mascara. You can apply it in less than 1 minute and it helps you look relatively polished in record time.


1. A scarf is the simplest way to make an athletic outfit look appropriate for running a quick errand around town before or after a workout. Pick a flattering color, tuck it into a nice fitting warm up jacket. There you go! Fitness Chic.

2. To take it up a notch, add a pair of leather boots in place of your gym shoes.

*personally I think this look works best with a monochromatic color scheme, I like all black. Black is crisp, its chic, and its minimalist.

A pair of pearl earrings. I swear by this. Timeless, feminine and minimalist. A small detail that can have big impact on your vibe and add just the right touch of femininity to your sporty girl look.

A stylish pair of shades are the quickest, easiest  accessory to throw on that can express your personal sense of style!

--Gym bag essentials--

--Wet wipes
--Dry shampoo
--Small cosmetic bag with small blush compact, lip gloss, travel sized mascara)
--Extra baseball cap
--Sample size perfume (from Sephora)
--Small black scarf
--Biore facial wipes

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